Download Policy

What is a Digital Copy (or Digital Download)?

  • A Digital Copy is a downloadable image file of the art print that I designed. When you purchase a Digital Copy, you will receive a .jpg and .png of the same file that I would have taken to a print shop, had printed, and then mailed out to customers.

  • A Digital Copy is a license for you to use my artwork in the manner described in the "What can I do with a Digital Copy" section. By purchasing a Digital Copy, you do not gain ownership to the artwork, that remains with @anyajgreen.

What can I do with a Digital Copy?

  • Since a digital copy is an image file, much like one you would take with your phone/digital camera, you can print it at home on your own printer, upload it to Costco for pick up during your next shopping trip or put it on a USB stick from printing at you local photo shop. Because you have purchased a Digital Copy, one of the biggest advantages is that you can print multiple copies.

  • If you wish to do more than use the Digital Copy for personal use, as it has been described in this section (and not in the instances listed in the following section), you can email me at should use wish to obtain a licence and my permission to use the artwork in other means.

What can't I do with a Digital Copy?

  1. Sell or give copies of the artwork to others

  2. Reproduce the work in copies;

  3. Prepare derivative works based upon the work;

  4. Distribute copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending;

Refund Policy
  • Downloadable Digital Copies are exempt from being returned and all sales are final.